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Opiophobia and fear of medical doctors experience of prescribing a needed pain medication

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What do you call Opiophobia? Click the common name that sounds right to you:



At CTRN we are specialists at helping opiophobes, and those with related problems. There’s two ways to work with us:

Causes & Symptoms

There can be quite a few reasons why a person experiences opiophobia. Pick one of the links of different names for this fear to learn more.

Drugs & Medication

While you should always follow your doctor’s advice with a href=”//opiophobia/medication-and-drugs/”>drugs and medications for Opiophobia, we are generally not in favor of using pharmaceuticals and recommend an approach that tackles the root cause of the problem.

They may produce a short-term improvement by masking symptoms, but never tackle the core problem of the overwhelming automatic fear response to prescriptions.

Opiophobia can always be overcome. Click below to find out more: